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Nature & Chlorophylle, innovation au service de l'architecture NaturelleNature & Chlorophylle, innovation au service de l'architecture Naturelle


Gardens, architecture, decoration

Nature & Chlorophylle

A worldwide innovation.


Video made by a TV production company. Discover Grégory Chidaine’s activities and philosophy, whilst focusing on the creation of three leaf houses in the Mont-Blanc region.


Atmosphere, style, methods. Experience Natural Architecture.

TV TOURS Portrait of the French Landscape Architect, Grégory CHIDAINE


TV Tours’ teams followed the landscape architect for a full day’s shooting, to find out exactly what Natural Architecture is.


Extraordinary places, oxygen-intense places, that the designer develops for a highly-demanding international clientele that includes connoisseurs, private individuals, businesses, celebrities, movie actors, in search of projects that are totally out-of-this-world, numbered and signed.

TV8 Mont Blanc - Portrait of Grégory Chidaine, world-renowned Landscape Architect.

During the TV program ‘C à Voir’, presented by Gilles Meunier, on the TV8 Mont Blanc channel, Grégory Chidaine, Landscape Architect, talks about his book ID Garden.


A book 100% Garden 100% Design 100% Nature.


The only one of its kind in France, this book initiates amateurs and connoisseurs to Natural Architecture, Grégory Chidaine’s composition method and specialty. Studio Végétal.


A book and a technical guide, created by Grégory Chidaine, ID Garden proposes the best partners (garden centers) and the best products and, as such, offers garden enthusiasts an open door into the professional world.


A unique concept in France.

World aquatic innovation by the Landscape Architect, Grégory Chidaine


Saint Avertin, close to the Château de Chenonceau and not far from the Chateau de Chambord and the Château de Villandry, the French Landscape Architect, Grégory Chidaine, set out to transform a lake and a park into a harmonious, merged space.


A place for observing, full of color, made for pleasure close to the heart of the city.


Water oxygenation by creating illuminated fountains, installed by helicopter, a waterside stroll, and rare aquatic plants make this site the only one of its kind in the world.



Radio France invites Grégory Chidaine, Landscape Architect


At Radio France Pays de Savoie headquarters, located in Chambery, the radio presenter and journalist Sylvia Depierre welcomes Grégory Chidaine, Landscape Architect and Consultant as her guest.


One hour live and direct, where Sylvia Depierre interviewed her guest to find out more about his experiences.


Natural Architecture, Id-Garden, projects in France and abroad are a few of the topics discussed.