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Nature & Chlorophylle, innovation au service de l'architecture NaturelleNature & Chlorophylle, innovation au service de l'architecture Naturelle

house garden

« The ‘Garden House’ or ‘The Leaf House ‘When houses and gardens become one.

« A uniques places where boundaries just fade away »

The only  innovation of the world, in the fieds of architecture, landscape and the environment,

to preserve and optimize the quality of life of each family.

Design, modern or natural, from 3000 (300m2) to more than 15000 sqft (1500m2),  The Garden House, is  the only house that adapts to your lifestyle.

More 20 years of développment, and numerous european distinctions to create this unique approche of living art.

  • A unique méthode of design of the world, who preserves and protect your life and your family
  • Extreme and natural indoor air quality, rich in oxygen, without dust, pollen bacteria and more…
  • Limited-edition works of art throughout the world
  • Designed with the unique and  personnal method of design of Grégory Chidaine -internationally renowned landscape architect and designer.
  • An extreme selection of the best American and European craftsmen, for an irreproachable quality of realization without limit.
  • Unique services for each projet to preserve your serenity 24 hours a day.
  • Unique, signed and numbered creations like work of art.

To guarantee the extreme quality of design and construction, » The Garden House » and « the Leaf house » are mainly developed for the following states and regions.

Los Angeles  /  The  Hamptons  – New york  / Geneva Mont Blanc.

You have a project  :Contact us,  for any information or request on other regions.