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Nature & Chlorophylle, innovation au service de l'architecture NaturelleNature & Chlorophylle, innovation au service de l'architecture Naturelle


This notion is the very essence of every designer’s composition.

It is induced by organized, imaginistic reflection around which spaces take centrestage and can be distinguished.

Generally composed of 5 or 6 elements, it is the golden rule for the design, the ‘big picture’ for the atmospheres, the ambiences that it breathes life into.

It has been Grégory Chidaine’s indispensable touchstone since 1997, the rules that he sets himself alone, to nourish and exalt his vision of things, his style. Art, illustrated by the meaning of words, words that breathe life into projects.

It is the blossoming expressiveness of each of his projects of creation.

For Grégory Chidaine, Landscape Architect, Natural Architecture
is and will perpetually be his only philosophical tilt.

“Creating, feeling, anticipating my clients’ emotions”

Feeling a place, a space, so that you can anticipate the emotions it will arouse in others.

Break the spell, set yourself free from the rigid structures of frozen architecture, so that imperceptible spaces unveil their treasures to you.

Forget the age-old precepts of architectural buildings, contemplate the place, the space, in all its wonder, its silhouettes, its movements, its motions.

“Place man and plants in harmony, in one place, to invite emotions into everyday life. Live and be at one with the place”.

First of all, a relationship must be created between inside and outside, indoors and outdoors, so that the space of things is not limited by middle things.

Stretch the limits of material things outwards, extend those from inside beyond the glass pane.

Projects tailored to the life of man and to my clients’ DNA.

Through our philosophy, our creativeness and our clients, we help our world breathe better and add an oxygen-giving layer to our planet, for each and every one of our projects.

And you? What will your project be ?