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Nature & Chlorophylle, innovation au service de l'architecture NaturelleNature & Chlorophylle, innovation au service de l'architecture Naturelle


Plants have been my sole inspiration since 1997.

They guide every step I take, every line I make, so that man and nature become but one.


Design     I     Anticipate     I      Feel


Anticipating, feeling my clients’ emotions when they discover the spaces leads to establishing trust between man, architecture and nature.

Like nature itself… it takes much more than a simple glance to discover my projects.

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Plants     I    Stones    I     Wood      I       Water   


A initiatory journey into places and atmospheres, where water, plants, stones and wood are your companions, your partners, throughout your trip.

Respect for the surrounding area, creation of ingenious, emotion-arousing places, where… at a turn in the path or after coming across certain objects, imperceptible spaces unveil their treasures to you.

Places where plants, the silhouettes of the plants, appease the static elements of ever-so rigid architecture, where the sense of art of living, art de vivre, has been swamped by the rationalism of state-of-the-art construction that is all too often contradictory to man.

Plants are the poets of this passionate chlorophyllian philosophy, which I am initiating for you.





Chlorophyll catalyst,

oxygen-giving, life-giving


6 CO2 + 6 H2O ® (Light, chlorophyll)

® C6H12O6(organic matter) + 6 O2


It’s the affinity and key connection
between man and nature.


It’s a noble matter,

a genuine green lung at the very heart of our life.


Far removed from traditional architecture,

it embraces spaces and offers us the opportunity

to rediscover the meaning and value of the word “Nature”


Braving the paradoxes of most

modern-day buildings, it works on curves

and twists and turns and favors the softness of lines.


It’s the meristem of emotion-arousing places,

buried deep down in our memories.


Places, where nature, architecture and man are united together in a single space,
in keeping with ethics and aesthetics.